• Fully type tested LV switchboards up to 7200 Amp, 150 kA, Form 4 Type 7 to suit stringent applications and local climatic conditions.
  • Draw out / Fixed type LV Motor Control Centers (MCC) up to 3200 Amp, 80 kA.
  • SMDBs and Load centers (DB).
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels up to 13.8 kV, 50 kA, 3600 Amp and 36 kV, 31.5 kA, 3100 Amp.
Control & Automation
  • Protection Relay and Control Panels for substations up to 380 kV.
  • Synchronizing and Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) Panels up to 5000 Amp.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and PLC Panels for Industrial Automations.
  • Capacitor Panels for Automatic Power Factor correction.
Engineering Services
  • Testing and Commissioning: LV, MV & HV Switchgear, transformer, C & R Panels, etc.,substation equipment.
  • Protection & Substation Engineering: Selection of Protection relays and CT/PT, relay settings, short circuit calculations, discrimination studies, etc.
  • Power Quality Analysis: Measurement of Harmonics and power quality analysis service.
Sheet Metal Enclosures
  • High quality extendable, floor & wall mounted enclosures up to IP 55.
  • Enclosure for Relay and Control panels.
  • Row type and vertical Pan Assembly type DBs.
  • Stainless steel enclosures up to Nema 4X.
  • Double wall Aluminum enclosures.