Betosystem Express - Concrete Batching Plant Automation

Betosystem Express is a product which is a result of 28 years experience in concrete industry.

We have been developing concrete batching plant systems since 1993.

The system has very user friendly user interface and easy to learn. The system doesn't have any electronical devices but the PLC.

Thus, our customers doesnt need any local assistance but the world wide sold PLC systems exists almost in any country.

  • Fast and Precise weighing.
  • Artifical Intelligencei Learning module for Material in-flight calculation.
  • TCP/IP Communication
  • Multiple Language Support for each different user
  • Limiting Operator Actions
  • Merging Invoices
  • Changing Invoice Data
  • Unlimited Customer, Mix Design and Report Data Storage.
  • The program can be run and stored in a usb flash drive. Thus, it can work in any Windows PC. Even if your computer is broken. You may change the PC, use the same flash drive and run the system even where you had stopped. 
  • As we mentioned above, the system knows at what part of the process it was stopped under power cut circumstances.